March 2021 Calendar Free Word Template

By | August 1, 2020

March 2021 Calendar: March comes at the third position in the list of months of the year. The name of March month is derived from Mars. The position is the same in both Julian and Gregorian calendars. Out of seven months, that have a length of 31 days in the March 2021 Calendar, March is the second month.

If we take a look at the Northern Hemisphere, there is a meteorological beginning of spring that occurs from the first day of the March 2021 Calendar. The March equinox is another amazing phenomenon that marks the astronomical beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It starts on the 20th or 21st of March.

Here, we have shared the 2021 march calendar with you. You can mark important dates and keep the March 2021 Calendar at a place that you visit most often. It will help you lead a more organized life.

Calendar March 2021 Malaysia Printable

March has a few similarities with the other months. March 2021 Calendar starts on the same day of the week as November. On the other hand, the ending is similar to the month of June. The 1st of March marks the celebration of zero discrimination day. If you have never come across this celebration day the now’s the time to know about it.

It aims to celebrate individuality among people. We humans often neglect such things. We must promote compassion, tolerance, and peace. There is discrimination all around the world. It could be on the basis of gender, race, religion, or age.

We just cannot accept the fact that we all are different in some or other aspects but we all are humans. This selective practice of discrimination is the reason for mass destruction in the past. The march 2021 calendar printable does mention this day.

March 2021 Calendar

Free March 2021 Printable Calendar

The march 2021 calendar with holidays is your best choice if you want to keep track of holidays. It is important as we have to plan things beforehand for a holiday that is coming in the near days. Another significant celebration that comes up in March is international women’s day.

This particular day is the movement for women’s rights. It is dedicated to the celebration of women’s achievement in the economic, social, cultural, and political spheres. This day brings the attention of people to gender parity and women’s rights.

Gender parity is one of the statistical measures that compare men and women. The comparison is based on education, income, and work hours. This metric is sociological and helps researchers in understanding how society has been progressing or regressing in specific areas.

It is a significant tool for policymakers that strives towards gender equality. The significance of Women’s day goes back to 1909. It was the time when there was a celebration by the Socialist Party Of America for women who protested in New York City.

The protest was by 15000 women against low income, long working hours, and lack of voting rights. You should definitely mark women’s day in your march 2021 blank calendar for sure. If you are a woman, you can share your thoughts on women’s day and lift other women’s in your life.

March 2021 Calendar Template Word Download

The calendar for March 2021 marks the celebration of St. Patrick’s day too. This day is celebrated in multiple parts of the world. People of Irish communities mainly celebrate it. They wear clothes of green color on that day. There are parties where people eat Irish food and drink with green food color in it.

All this is part of the tradition. This is an amazing time as kids get to enjoy their favorite sweets while adults can enjoy a pint of beer. It is a cultural and religious celebration that is held on 17th March.

You can even use March 2021 Calendar for the purpose of gifting your friends and family members. People welcome new and interesting traditions that add joy to their life. So you can use calendars for the same. Saint Patrick was a bishop in Ireland around the 5th century.

Most of the information that people know about St Patrick comes from the declaration. The declaration is written by St. Patrick only. Irish government ministers travel to different countries to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The most prominent one is the one where the visit of the Irish Prime Minister with the U.S. President.

It happens around Saint Patrick’s Day. There is a tradition where the Irish Prime Minister presents a crystal bowl of shamrocks to the U.S. President. This tradition began in the year 1952. It was from this year that it became a ritual that is followed every year.

The ceremony didn’t take place in the year 2020. As we all know there was an emergency due to COVID 19 where people died and it was not safe for people to travel or even meet each other.

March 2021 Calendar Printable With Holidays

We have a list of calendar templates for march and April 2021 too. You must go through the complete list of calendar templates to see how different our collection is. There are blank calendars that you can customize on your own.

We even have calendars with holidays if you want to keep a track of holidays. So there is a variety for each one of you. The designs are different from variations in font, color, and other aspects. All you have to do is save these calendars free of cost to your system.

If you are still wondering whether the calendars are essential or not then you must stop thinking about it. The calendars are essential for people who are planning to be successful in their life. You have to be punctual with your work and plan things to climb the ladder of success.

Don’t forget to check out the march 2021 Jewish calendar too. In case, you find it difficult in downloading these calendars then contact us. We will understand your problem and help you out with it. We keep on adding new calendar templates to the list. So you must keep a check on the list every now and then. bookmark at folkd

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