Printable Latest October 2020 Calendar With Holidays & Festivals

By | August 22, 2020

October 2020 Calendar With Holidays & Festivals: We all know that October 2020 Calendar monthlies at the tenth position in the calendars like Julian and Gregorian. With a total number of 31 days, the month is surely long. If we go back to history we will find that this month had a different position. It was in the eighth position. It goes with its name too. Octo means eight only. Earlier there used to be updated in the calendar and that’s why the addition of January and February occurred.

These got inserted in the calendar, thus changing the position of the October 2020 calendar. If you scroll down then you will find some really interesting October 2020 calendar with holidays too. So everything is going to be managed from day one. Don’t worry the calendars are also available in a basic format without holidays so you don’t have to anywhere else for them.

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October 2020 Calendar Vertical Shape

October 2020 Calendar month comes with a lot of observances all around the world. Columbus day is observed on the second Monday of October that is a national holiday and is even celebrated in multiple countries including America. The importance of this day is due to the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America in the year 1942. We hope you remember Halloween.

It is the spookiest night for people all around the world. There are multiple countries that observe it on 31st October. It is an eve that is called All Hallows’ Day. On this day, it is believed that spirits can wander around anywhere on earth. Children love dressing up as spirits.

In fact, this has been trending for quite a while. Makeup artists come with interesting ideas to enhance the Halloween look. After Christmas, it is Halloween which leads to a lot of expenditure by people. Check out the October 2020 Printable Calendar to more about the observances.

Another interesting thing about October month is that it celebrates National Pizza Month. You will hardly find someone who is not a fan of pizza. The best part is that you can eat pizza in October month saying that it is National Pizza Month and nobody can stop you. Isn’t it amazing? It definitely is.

Have you heard about the October Revolution? It was led by the Bolsheviks in Russia in the year 1917. If we go by the Gregorian calendar then it occurred in the November month but Russians didn’t use to follow this calendar at that point in time. Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most popular personalities.

He was born in the month of October 2020 Calendar of the 2nd. For Indian Independence, he gave his blood and sweat. His birthday has another significance in the October 2020 vertical calendar. It is the international day of non-violence worldwide.

October 2020 Calendar

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October 2020 Calendar Templates Word

Calendar Templates 2020 October, We hope you know, Bill Gates. He is the world’s richest man. At least, it was true during the time period of 1995 and 2017. He was born on 28th October 1955. He is not just the founder of Microsoft but he is much more than that. He is also an author, investor, and philanthropist.

Bill Gates has spent his childhood in the Seattle area of Washington. He along with Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft in the year 1975. His hard work made the company world’s largest personal computer software company. Until 2000, he worked as the chairman and CEO of the company.

After that, he stepped down from the CEO position. Let’s not get into more details. The calendar October 2020 rustic is already special as such a successful person was born in this month.

2020 October Calendar With Holidays

October 2020 Calendar is a Nobel month as it marks the birth of Alfred Nobel. He was born on 21st October 1833 in Italy. His philanthropist calling led to the introduction of the Nobel Prize. From the year 1901, the Nobel Prize has been honoring women and men from different corners of the globe for their outstanding achievements in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, or even physiology.

You must make a note that there is no Nobel prize for Maths. If the deer has a grey coat then it is marked as a hard winter month of October 2020 Calendar. The severity of the month has a huge impact on the coat of deer. Even the famous writer Shakespeare has mentioned about October 2020 Calendar multiple times in his Novel.

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Printable October 2020 Calendar Free PDF

October is marked as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The number of deadly diseases is increasing in the world day by day. The spread of coronavirus seems to be the only deadly virus but the world is dealing with a lot of deadly diseases. Cancer is one deadly disease that is spreading a lot.

Now, you hear about this disease very often. Breast cancer is one type of it. October marks the awareness of this disease. It is an annual international health campaign that is organized by charities that are working for this cause. People need to be more aware of this disease.

You can even raise funds for the treatment of cancer patients who cannot afford it. It is a yearly campaign that intends the educate people about the importance of getting yourself tested on time. The campaign marks its beginning on 1st October and it goes on till 31sy October every year.

If you have this habit of going easy on your work then you have to use the October 2020 wiki calendar. These October Calendars are going to guide you through your work journey and make it easy for you. You have to manage your work and complete them on time so the calendar is your best buddy.

Use them by printing these beautiful calendars and sticking them right on your desk. They will keep reminding you about the tasks you need to finish and you will feel way more energetic than before. These October 2020 month calendars are available free of cost to each one of you. We are sharing these amazing calendars without charging a single penny. So download them now.

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